Mocha Fest Jamaica will be coming back bigger and better than ever in 2021 with a 7-day special edition event. The event will feature our regular 5-day schedule with 8 parties. However, those that wish to party a little bit longer can book our 2 bonus days Read more


Day 1 , May 24th

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    Mingles At The Mansion (Island Chic)

    08:00 PM

    We’ll welcome you to the 6th staging of Mocha Fest Jamaica with an exclusive Island Chic party at a Luxury Mansion overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Meet and Mingle with the Mocha Fest crew, our celebrity guests and most importantly, get to know some of the people you’ll be partying with for the next 7 days. FOOD & DRINK INCLUSIVE

Day 2 , May 25th

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    Mocha Adventure (Active/Adventure)

    10:00 AM

    We’ll be taking over an adventure park to treat you to a day of adrenaline filled activities including ATV Tours, Ziplining, Games and an outdoor Caribbean style Barbeque. FOOD INCLUSIVE

Day 3 , May 26th

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    Sunset Happy Hour (Tropical Best)

    03:00 PM

    Rick’s Café is one of the top 3 bars in the world, boasting one of the most beautiful and popular Sunsets in the word. We’ll spend the afternoon enjoy this amazing wonder, while partying with our top Deejays and enjoying the incredible cliff divers.

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    Retro (90’s Wear)

    10:00 PM

    We are taking you back to the best of the 90’s and early 2000’ where hip hop, RnB and Dancehall music were in their prime. Dress up in you favorite 90’s wear and join us for RETRO. DRINK INCLUSIVE

Day 4 , May 27th

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    Urban Splash (Red Bikini)

    01:00 PM

    It’s a party on and in the water. The entire venue for this event will be setup in the ocean. Don’t worry if you can’t swim, the water will be no more than 3 ft deep but you definitely do not want to miss what we are about to do at this event.

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    Tease (Lingerie and Sleepwear)

    02:00 AM

    This is one of the most popular events at Mocha Fest. All the beautiful ladies showing off their sexy lingerie and the fellas coming through in their Pajamas. DRINK INCLUSIVE

Day 5 , May 28th

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    Fantasy Beach (+ Optional Cruise)

    12:00 PM

    If you are on this page you’ve probably already seen the highlight videos from our infamous Catamaran Cruise Parties Paired With our Bare as You Dare Private Beach Party. Can’t share the stories. You just have to show up to see for yourself. FOOD & DRINK INCLUSIVE. (Cat Cruise extra cost and optional or included if you buy a VIP Ticket).

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    Blackout (Black & Bling)

    10:00 PM

    The stage will be set and the stars will be out for our biggest event. Blackout is the Mocha Fest Red Carpet event. The biggest stars will be on showcase and literally everyone will be dressed in their best Black Outfit and showing up for this event.

Day 6 , May 29th

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    Whet (All White + Water)

    02:00 PM

    It’s the opinion of many that Whet is the best Mocha Fest event. It is most certainly the most talked about and the event that captures everything that Mocha Fest is about. Fun, Freedom, Fantasy. Dress in your All White and show up to get WHET. FOOD & DRINKS INCLUDED

Day 7 , May 30th

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    Bikini Brunch (Orange or Yellow Beach Wear)

    10:00 AM

    Sundays are for Brunch. But what’s better than Brunch on the Beach in the Caribbean, while being entertained by some of the top Hip Hop and Dancehall Deejays from around the world. All you can eat Caribbean and American Breakfast Buffet. DRINKS INCLUDED.

Starting At: $310.00